Sustainable furniture factory doubles as hiker’s holiday camp

The Plus is due to begin construction later this year

Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has a habit of producing outstanding architecture that serves a dual purpose. Its Twist museum is also a bridge, its CopenHill power plant is topped by a ski slope, and now its upcoming furniture factory will double as a hiking and camping destination too. The building will also feature solar power, recycled building materials, and efficient heating and cooling systems.

The project was commissioned by furniture maker Vestre and is named The Plus, presumably due to its plus-shaped design. It will be located in the village of Magnor, a forested area in Norway.

Its interior layout will be arranged around four main production areas – a warehouse, color factory, wood factory and assembly point – all connecting to a central hub with a logistics office and exhibition center. This will feature a tree-filled public courtyard showcasing Vestre's latest furniture. The decor will also be very colorful in places and smart robots and self-driving trucks will be used in the factory too.